Keep Michigan Beautiful Awards

By Larry Eaton

Last week was a very productive week capped off by the Keep Michigan Beautiful Awards banquet at the Double Tree Hotel in Detroit, Michigan.  It takes  something big for me to visit Detroit these days, the last time I was down there was in August 2010 when we spent several days during my son’s had transplant surgery Read more »



Things are moving along

By Larry Eaton

Fall 2012 is upon us and our contractors and employees are working quickly to  finish all our projects before winter months set in.  Today I drove by the Linden road park and saw that there were 7 or so people busy completing work in and around the park. 

The Mid-Michigan Lawn Sprinklers was blowing the lines out in our irrigation system to prevent them freezing when the winter temperatures settle in.

Power Source Electric was boring 8′ deep holes and pouring the foundations for the light poles for the new lighting system being installed in the BDA business district.    There was construction of forms and pouring of concrete for pads that will be the home for new Handicap picnic tables in the park.   The workers also poured the concrete pads for new resting benches for the new section of bike path being built in conjunction with the lighting project.

Ron Hobson, our gardener, was removing what was left of the frost bitten flowers that were once beautiful enough to win Exit 131 the second place award in the Keep Michgan Beautiful contest.

As I watched all this activity, and visualized the end results, I began to think that all the hard work, time and stress our BDA Board members went through this year was well worth the effort.

More comments and photos to come when we bring these projects to a conclusion in a few weeks.

Larry Eaton



Lighting Contractor Bids opened

By Larry Eaton

On September 26, 2012 the BDA held a special meeting to open bids for the installation of this lighting project.  There were three companies invited to bid and of the three companies there were two representative from the competing the companies present at the opening cerimonies. 

After the formality of opening the meeting was completed,  a representative  from   our  engineering firm, Shellenbarger Engineering and Surveying was given the  responsibility of opening the bids.   Each bid was checked to determine if it was in  compliance with all the requirements of our new bid procedures.

Our Engineer was given this responsibility so it was evident to those attending that there was no partiality given to any of the bidders.  He went through his checklist to make sure that each submission was in compliance in the following points:

1.  Was the bid form requirements page properly completed and signed by the bidder?

2.  Were the addendum’s to the bid request acknowledged by the bidder?

3.  Was there a Bid Bond or certified check for the required amount included with the  bid submission?

If anyone of these requirement were not met that bid was to be set aside.  The process was then repeated until all bids were opened and the amounts were read aloud and entered into the minutes of the meeting.  At this point, all of the bids were remanned over to the Engineer to determine if all elements of the project had been addressed and bid properly by each company.  The meeting was adjourned.

On September 28, 2012 our engineer sent the Board a letter of recommendation;  The low bid was not in compliance and it had to be set aside.  The other bids were in  compliance and next lowest bid was recommended to the Board for acceptance.  The Board acted on the engineer’s recommendation and at our next regularly scheduled  meeting, October 10, 2012 we voted to award the contract to Power Source Electric.

The amount of the bid for installation was $93,613.63 bringing the budget for this project a total of $282,650.00.  The project is now well underway and will be completed by December 1, 2012.

Larry Eaton, Chairman