Dear Businesses and Residents of Clio!


We are sure you have all seen how the Vienna Twp. BDA has been working hard at cleaning up and beautifying our area.  We are asking your help on keeping trash and grass clippings off the roads, sidewalks, green areas and business parking lots.  We recently had all the curbs and streets in the business district loop cleaned.

We know that keeping our community clean and beautiful will attract business and new businesses to Clio.  We are working on an economic development strategy to make infrastructure improvements.  The new light posts will be in soon.

Here are some ideas for your business that will improve your curb appeal: 

1. Make sure your business has an exit waste receptical and keep it clean and changed. 

2. Freshen up your building facades by touching up your paint and repairing any building damage.

3. Add landscape lighting  and keep your gardens weeded, trimmed and watered 

4. Keep your windows and doors clean.  Keep sidewalks swept and clear of debris.

5.  Add new landscaping and replace any dead plantings.   

 6.  Add outdoor spaces for dining.