Greetings from the Vienna Business Development Authority


The Vienna Business Development Authority Board of Directors welcomed area businesses and community members on Friday, June 19, to celebrate the completion of Phase II at Bridge Park. 

Bridge Park was opened to the public in October of 2013 with handicap accessible picnic facilities and a registered Monarch butterfly waystation.  In 2014, plans were begun to make further improvements to the park, including  a 7-foot stainless steel lighted butterfly sculpture, a butterfly bench and installation of several additional flower gardens.   

The  June 19 ceremony also included a dedication of the Acheson Family Memorial, in tribute to the family that originally settled on the property in 1859 and owned it for 113 years.  When the property was sold, it was requested that a community park be constructed on the corner site at Vienna and Linden roads.  This year, 123 years after the Acheson’s settled the property, we would like to thank the David Aslin Family, who now live in Traverse City, for donating the Memorial sign in honor of Joan P. Aslin and her grandparents Ike and Jennie Acheson. The park is dedicated to the citizens of the Clio area and Vienna Township. 

We appreciate our generous sponsors and benefactors that support our beautification efforts to acquire the butterfly sculpture and butterfly bench:

Walmart  ~  Clio Area Community Fund  ~  C.R.E. Welding ~  Vienna BDA

Please take some time to visit the park and see our new additions. Also, watch for the“Art in the Park” exhibits presented by the Clio Center for the Arts. These events, presented on the second Friday of the month in July and August, will  showcase artisan demonstrations and sales of art, pottery, painting, photography, stained glass and more from 11:00am – 3:00pm July 10th and August 14th. Further information is available by calling the gallery – 810-547-7087.

A special thank you to: Walmart Deli & Bakery, Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Schwans Home Service for providing lunch!

Thank you all for your donations to Bridge Park and the BDA Beautification Project.  If you would like to make a donation or volunteer your services, please contact the BDA office at 810-686-3460.


Vienna BDA
P.O. Box 129
Clio, MI  48420