A History and Update

Update – 2018 Administrative Objectives                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Procedure for Funding Requests 

Completion of the plan for Small Business Development Center of Kettering University program with trainings and meetings taking place right here at our office.

Create a Clio Area  “uptown” future development and investments advisory group for local interested investors.

Establish Art sculpture project for continued streetscape beautification

Evaluate priority list from project categories – Propose a focus on certain project plans. Prioritize ideas and follow through with in-depth evaluation and forethought of the outcomes that will impact the future look of our community.

Mission Statement –  Aspire to expand upon the current Mission of the BDA through effective planning and organizing, to stand alongside and provide support for current businesses in the district and develop strategic plans toward attracting new desirable businesses by working with the planning board and Township.


2017 Administrative Objectives and Accomplishments

  1. Initiate Budget Strategy Matrix – Objective to allocate funding for approved Project Categories. Completed
  2. Annual Community Marketing Grant – Continued community involvement and support of local organizations in 2017 included the Clio Area Amphitheater, Clio Community Council 4th of July Family Fun Day, Fireman’s Homecoming and Clio Center for the Arts.
  3. Small Business Development Services/Grant Program – In progress.  The BDA hosted a meeting of Business Organizations in late August to discuss the benefits of the Small Business Development Center. We are developing marketing strategies into a uniform plan that includes expanding the Chamber booklet with a color fold out map of area amenities and points of interest. The Vienna BDA Business Development Center was created to assist in providing information and services that will support existing businesses, expansion and new business entrepreneurial activities in the Vienna Business district.  This includes providing a step by step system that will help lead each program recipient through the process of finding financial grant opportunities as well as the how to of writing a business plan, counseling for marketing, sales, operations and more. The goal of the BDA for this program is to see positive preservation and expansion of our existing business community, new business success that will deliver new employment opportunities and consumer interest in Vienna Township.
  4. Addition of Summer/Winter Banners – this summer new floral banners were established for the first time in the District. Both summer and winter banners have been added this year for the Twp. Hall, Fire Department and Senior Center.
  5. Bridge Park – A new relationship with the GC Master Gardener’s Assoc. was developed this summer to re-design the Butterfly Garden with the help of many volunteers supervised by Master Gardener Lori Fournier.

          Fairytale Trail was a brand new event this year, involving some new partnerships to include Business Sponsors and several community organizations to include Clio Cast &                    Crew and Clio Rocks. Their wish is to have another event next year. We already have a new business sponsor that wants to participate along with For-Mar nature preserve (which            will add this event to their advertising calendar and attend as a Vendor). Volunteers from the (FWOGC) Freedom Work Opportunities of Genesee County group has adopted                      Bridge Park for ongoing regular clean up throughout the year.  Lori Fournier also hosted area girl scouts this fall at Bridge park for a planting day to receive their gardening                        badges. Independent Bank spent a day doing clean up and preparation for fall planting.

          Picnic area deck and rail was cleaned and stained this year. We thank our Volunteers.

          A new contract gardener has been hired to do fall planting and will take over the care of Bridge Park, Gazebo Park and the Library gardens.

          There were several nice newspaper articles that came out this year involving Bridge Park events that promoted BDA activities.

      6. The BDA continues to support the Clio Area Human Services Fund that assists with the emergent needs of those in our community, funds the Clio Schools Backpack                 program and now the new Emergency Disaster response team and Disaster Fund made possible by the May forum event: Emergency Disaster & Operations Plan. “When Disaster             Hits” co-hosted by the BDA. We recognized 10 local businesses for stepping up to provide goods and services during crisis situations.

      7. New Office – In the spring of 2017, the Board of Directors pursued a move to a larger office and new location at Linden Road Center. In August, remodeling was completed and             the new office was established.

  1. Clio Farm & Arts Market – The Board of Directors provided a donation in support of the  new market hosting summer long activities.
  1. Annual Appreciation/Recognition Awards – The Vienna BDA hosts the annual appreciation awards to recognize businesses and organizations for their commitment and service to our community. We invite you to join us in celebrating the 2017 recipients as follows: Biggby Coffee, Studio 57, Verizon Wireless, KFC, Burger King, Wendys, Genesee County Master Gardeners Assoc., Clio Veterans Memorial Park, Vienna Family Dentistry, Clio Rocks! – Cassie Spanke.
  1. Gazebo Memorial Park – is currently in phase 2 of the project. Sidewalks and benches installed this year and electricity to come next year.
  1. The Vienna BDA cleaned up the bike path from the Neff Rd. parking area to the City line as well as removed trash, repaired and painted the fences at the lot, and took over maintaining the trash maintenance in several additional park areas in the Township.
  1. Streetscape and Beautification – The BDA works at stepping up to enhance our district with summer and winter beautification. Beautiful flower gardens and winter decorations continue to promote our district. We maintain the best exit on I-75 in Michigan!


The Vienna Business Development Authority Mission and Vision statement set forth in 1993 says:

Mission: To Strengthen the Township in Business Development and to provide infrastructure where needed.

Vision: To be a leader in preserving and enhancing Vienna Township through education and advisory.

History of the Vienna Twp. Business Development Authority

In 1992 local business and property owners banned together with the thought in mind to promote the new I-75 and M-57 interchange that had just been upgraded by the State Of Michigan (MDOT).   The people involved understood that they needed to promote their new asset as a means to improve the business environment which would  enable Vienna Township residents and business owners to prosper both in quality of life and economically.   For the next several years even though there was little revenue to work with these forward thinking business owners who generously gave of their time and knowledge to develop a business model that would one day create a thriving business district here in Vienna Township.

In a township board meeting on January 12, 1993 the final piece to bring the Vienna Township Business development Authority to life was presented to the Vienna Township Board for approval.  The Township Board passed the By-laws which the newly form Authority would be governed by and Vienna Township Business Development Authority was on its way to performing their mission.

Although there was much work left to do to develop the final guidelines that the BDA would set as standards for development within the district the clock was now ticking in favor of the newly formed Authority.   From this date on a portion of all new property tax revenue within the boundries of the BDA District would be used for future projects.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Vienna BDA has grown and established itself as a significant player in the development of the business district and Exit 131 interchange. The BDA, funded by Tax Increment Financing shares, allows for the annual contribution of $75,000.00 to the Clio Area Fire Dept. and $80,000.00 a year contribution toward police protection.

Recently, the BDA adopted a 5-7 year Budget plan to establish funding for future projects as well as annual ongoing projects that include:

  • Business District Lighting
  • Annual Clean-up, Seasonal trash pickup, Snow removal and Mowing of district
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Summer Beautification & Streetscape
  • Bridge Park Butterfly Gardens and pathway
  • Gazebo Park
  • Annual Community Marketing Grants
  • Facade/Signage Grants
  • Many other projects.  

As we look at our accomplishments, we also look to the future in Economic Development and see on the radar many new advancements in marketing and planning that will bring us along side for the opportunity at a quality of life and community at it’s best.