Revised project bid practices and awarding of Contracts

By Larry Eaton

The Vienna Township BDA has been spending much time and mental resources during the last year overhauling the procedures that regulate all our infrastructure projects.  Previous Boards have done an excellent job over the last 20 years of selecting, planning and implementing some  twenty-eight (28) projects that have created a business environment that has placed our Township high on the list of dedirable places to locate on the I-75 corridor.

The Interchange Lighting Project completed in 2011 brought to the surface several deficiencies in the way our bid practices and the awarding of contracts was being handled.   The current Board determined that it was time to update the entire exercise from the ground up and create a level playing field for all Contractors and Supplier we invite to participate in future projects.  The Board has sought professional assistance in assembling a Project Manual that we feel will bring a new level of efficiency and professionalism to this process.

Our goals became clear as we reviewed projects we had completed previouly; eliminate cost overruns,  pre-determine product standards of quality, tighten standards for the Contractor we invite to bid and finally, achieve a quality result for the Taxpayers of Vienna Township.

The Linden Road Lighting Project will be the first large project in which we implement these new standards.   I will post to the Blog as we progess through this project beginning with the bid process through to the completion at which time I will mention the day and hour when we will turn the switch on to light Linden Road from Vienna Road to the Edgerton School cross walk.

Larry Eaton

Chairman, Vienna Township Business Development Authority

Vienna Township Clio, MI 


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