Vienna Business Development Authority 2016 Annual Appreciation Awards


2016 Annual Appreciation Awards

The BDA Beautification Project is well known for the groomed exits, business district, butterfly gardens at Bridge Park, summer flowers.  We are now in year 2 of adding significant winter beautification and decorating of our district for the holidays.  

Every year we recognize those businesses that have made contributions to the community, either by making improvements or expanding their businesses which also provides new jobs and economic development.  We also appreciate those community volunteers and residents that get involved, providing their time and talent to make our community a great place to live and work.

Congratulations to the following businesses and community residents for their contribution to the enhancement of the business district beautification efforts:

Clio Towing – Community Appreciation – Mike Haven



Twin’s Pizza, Pasta & More – Business Enhancement  – Mark Suava


Gross Assisted Living – Business Beautification – Mark Talerico


Bill & Nola Thornton – Residential Beautification 


Signature Truck Systems – Business Enhancement – Jaime Tackabury


Keyes Pools – Business Beautification – Not Pictured

Lori Fournier – Volunteer of the Year  – Not Pictured

Please let these businesses and residents know they are appreciated for their hard work!

Vienna BDA Beautification Project Committee



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